About Jono

JONO Personal Hospitality Solutions is a specialist hospitality business that puts the personal touch into your business. General Manager Jonathan Waller has over thirty years’ experience in hospitality, and over 20 years in senior management in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

JONO stands for Joining Operations Navigating Outcomes. This innovative approach is designed to help me understand your business, your needs and your team.

I will treat your business as my business, and will listen, empathise and understand the challenges you face and provide solutions for you to consider.


We made the transition from a mainstream supplier of Mystery Shops to Jono about 10 months ago and the difference between the two couldn’t be any more vast. Jono focusses more on the interactions and engagement of our staff and provides a thorough evaluation of this that is easy to read and to action. Whilst other Mystery Shopper suppliers spend more time focussing on “out of date carpet” or “needs more carparks” JONO’s point of difference is that he is people focussed through and through.

— Jake Henry, Broncos Leagues Club

We have worked with Jono extensively in the past few years across all four of our venues. His innovative, fresh approach helps him connect and engage with our staff and we have seen positive results in greater teamwork, customer service and we see him as an extension of our team.

— Jason Lynch, General Manager, Hervey Bay RSL

Jono delivers with passion, energy, honesty and integrity in everything he does at Souths and Suburban. He provides excellent HR advice, training and mentoring to our team and has a genuine interest in helping to improve our business and culture. His communication style with our management team is clear and concise and we see improvements constantly following his involvement.

— Chris Elliot, General Manager, Souths Leagues Club, Mackay

Our customised training, HR and culture program with Jono has seen tangible results and a definite return on investment.

— Tere Sheehan, General Manager, Cherry Street Sports Club

Jono has been trusted to deliver training, consulting and culture development to Norths Leagues and Services for several years now. His point of difference is the genuine care he has for the venue and his flexible approach to our needs. Jono listens and adjusts to our ever changing business needs to provide support and consultation that is relevant, passionate and hands on monthly. Seen as an extension of our team, the staff have a great rapport with him and he communicates in an engaging and sincere manner.

— Nicky Cowan, Assistant General Manager, Norths Leagues and Services Club

Jono has helped us to transform our team morale and culture in a very short space of time. All our staff connect with his communication style and passion. Using a variety of refreshing techniques and with a modern outlook on HR we have enjoyed tangible results due to our partnership with Jono.

— Steve Lancaster, General Manager, Gympie RSL

Jono’s Services

Training and consulting to the hospitality industry

One shoe definitely does not fit all!

Jono specialises in helping venues to increase teamwork, morale and bottom line results.

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Customised Training, Human Resources and Culture Programs

You can not demand culture, you must create it!

One of the most over used words in business today is Culture. Jono refers to this as the ‘C’ word.

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Mystery Shoppers

Jono’s mystery shops and reports are unique and different. We focus hugely on each staff interaction and will be on the premises for 3-4 hours. Clients receive detailed report and recommendations and a personal follow up after each one. We can customise the shops to each venue and provide packages to suit each client.

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Motivational staff meetings fully customised to your venue

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Middle Management (Duty Manager/Supervisor training workshops)

The middle management team are vital in getting your operational results and need to be a cohesive team that are results orientated. Improving their understanding of their role and the expectations of senior management is the aim. Jono will focus on:
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Conflict resolution training workshops

Duty Manager/Supervisor focus group four hour session

The middle management team are vital in getting your operational results and need to be a cohesive team that are results orientated. Improving their understanding of their role and the expectations of senior management is the aim. Focus on:
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Customer service training workshops

Customer service and skills set training in café, restaurant, gaming, reception. Work with the existing supervisors and staff in these areas to enhance the customer experience. Focus on
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Bullying and Harassment training

Jono will deliver bullying and harassment workshops so that staff and management understand exactly what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.
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360 Degree Reviews Duty Managers and Supervisors

Jono will work with the management team to deliver comprehensive reviews.
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Human Resources

We are here to help.

As a client of ours you can contact us directly for sound HR advice. This could be for simple issues ranging from personality clashes through to potential bullying and harassment. We can also review your HR practices and assist in improvements.


Jono is an absolute pleasure to work with. His dedication to the betterment of our team shows in all he does, and he has proven time and again that he is accessible and engaging across all parameters. Jono’s work on the creation of our Club culture and standards has been incredibly well-received, and we are already seeing promising signs of commitment and engagement from senior management and down. Jono genuinely cares about the organisations he works with; he is a great cheerleader and champion for our staff.

— Neil Shaw, Operations Manager City Golf Club Toowoomba

Since working with Jono we have experienced significant growth in our membership, and we've seen a big increase in team morale.

— Tere Sheehan, General Manager, Cherry Street Sports Club

Jono provides a professional, modern, motivating approach to customer service. We have had immediate impact with staff engagement and execution with Jono’s services, something we had been trying to do for years with no success!

— Nick Brabham, General Manager, Cabarita Beach Bowls Sports Club

We engaged Jono to work on our team culture and customer service. In a short space of time, we have successfully revamped our SWIM culture program, increased team morale and improved our customer service. Jono has customised all his services to suit our venue, and understands what we want to achieve. His point of difference is that he genuinely listens to what we want, then delivers.

— Justin Charlish, General Manager, Redcliffe Leagues

At Ipswich Jets Jono provides a customised program to suit all our needs. He listens to what we want to achieve, returns with a program and delivers results. Our staff know him and trust him and he feels like an extension of our team. From his mystery shops, motivational staff meetings, middle management and staff training, HR support and genuine interest and care in our business I highly recommend Jonos services.

— Teresa Cavill-Jones, General Manager, Ipswich Jets

Since working with Jono we have created a strong team culture and have experienced a significant improvement in our retention of staff.

— Tere Sheehan, General Manager, Cherry Street Sports Club

Do you use the ‘C’ Word?
Does it actually work for you right now?


Jono was the breath of fresh air we were looking for. His infectious enthusiasm in creating our ‘HEART’ standards helped encourage even our most hardened employees to understand the importance of service standards, suggestive selling and teamwork. Our massive membership growth from 4800 to 6550 and counting is testimony to his skills.

— Darren Schipp, GM, Byron Bay Services Club

Jono, your expertise, attention to detail and firsthand experience has contributed in creating our customer service program ‘ACES’ and enhancing our culture within our team.

— Craig Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Wynnum Manly Leagues Club Group

Jono provided a great platform with the development of our MERIT program to assist with rewarding and incentivising our team. Jono got the team invested in the program in a fun and interactive way through department meeting and on the job training sessions. MERIT is now introduced right from induction as something that we ‘live and breathe’ as a key part of our staff culture. Jono continues to incorporate MERIT in all training sessions at the Club. We also focus on MERIT for our staff appraisals and for performance feedback as the key pillars of the expectations of being a Norths ambassador.

— Nicky Cowan, Assistant General Manager, Norths Leagues and Services Club

The Board of Directors engaged Jono to conduct an in depth face to face members survey. Jono spent some time discussing and assisting the Club Executive to develop the survey questions and to ensure the answers provided would assist the Board in better understanding the members views and requirements.

Jono interviewed over 200 members over many hours spent at the Club with a large number actually seeking him out to complete the survey. His personality and style made it easy for the members to complete the survey. The feedback in the detailed reports provided was invaluable in helping the Board make a number of strategic decisions across all areas, services and products.

Jono provided great assistance to the Executive in customising our requirements by utilising his vast experience to ensure we obtained the best results whilst providing reports that were easy to read, understand and addressed the Board's needs.

— Wade Core, Chairman Carina Leagues Club

We recently engaged Jono to conduct a mystery shopper program and report back to a full staff meeting.

We also asked Jono to run a session with our middle managers to seek and understand ownership of their roles.

Jono is backed by years of real world experience this is super important to earn credibility with our team.

I couldn't be more pleased with our results so far.

I highly recommend contacting Jono to chat about structuring a tailor made program to improve your workplace culture.

— Steve Edgar, General Manager Coolangatta Surf Club

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